Breaking down the taboos about death | Jamie Sarche | TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen
Colorado, 2016

Talking about death helps us process what happens. Jamie Sarche wants us to start talking about the hard stuff. When you're in the dark things are a lot scarier. More talking equals less fear. If we recognize that our life is finite we can live more fully and more meaningfully.

Death Rituals: Creating Jewish Life |Jamie Sarche |ELI Talks
Colorado, 2016

We can often think of Judaism as providing a structure for us to deal with the hard times. In Jamie Sarche’s case, though, she’s good with the hard stuff, it’s the Judaism that’s scary. Listen to Jamie Sarche, a funeral director, as she tells us how her knowledge and comfort around death led her to connect to her Jewishness through one of Judaism’s heaviest and most difficult rituals.