Dear Jim,

Thank you for your help in orchestrating the service for my dad and everything else. you're a real pro!



Dear Jim,

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, caring and support throughout this difficult time.

Phyllis Hayutin.


Jim and everyone at Feldman's

Thank you for your compassion, attention to all the details and understanding towards me as i go through this process. Let me express to you that knowing I could count on ALL of you to back me up, answer my many questions and do your business so efficiently meant the world to me. 

Thanks again,



Dear Jim, Jamie, Kenning and the staff at Feldman Mortuary,

Please accept my sincere thanks on behalf of my entire family, for all of the help and comfort you provided to us following the death of my mother, Anne Jacobs. Everyone was respectful and helpful in the entire process- going back to the time when my mother made all of the arrangements. She was relieved to have that all in place and it made the time immediately following her death, so much less stressful for us than it would have been otherwise. Thank you so much.

Laura Bolter


Dear Cohen's and Feldman staff,

the support that we have received from all of you at Feldman's during this past and difficult year is truly and greatly appreciated... again, many thanks.


Lori, Lou, Linda and family


Dear Jamie,

On behalf of all of us at ZIM Consulting, thank you and Feldman Mortuary for supporting the Christmas Mitzvah Project, CO 2014. This year's project engaged nearly 250 volunteers, at 15 various care facilities across the Denver Metro area and we were even featured on "CBS" local news! The Project could not have been nearly as successful without your help. Thank you again.




I know listening, having compassion and asking the right questions are only a small part of your job, BUT going through this process can only at least for me, make it more comfortable. Thank you for your gentleness in performing, your very professional job.

with heart felt thanks,

Lynn Friedman


To the staff at Feldman Mortuary,

Your kind and gentle way of working with families at a most difficult time is very comforting.

Thank you,

Bonnie and Lou


Dear Jim,

Your help in our time of need was a great comfort to us.

Evelyn Epstein and Family

Dear Jim, Jamie and Staff,

 Thank you for handling all the service details so efficiently and worry free!

Kathi and Steve


Jamie,                  2/15/2015                                                                            

Thank you so much for coming to The Denver Hospice and speaking to the after hours team. The nurses really enjoyed your presentation. I have also passed on your name to the manager for social workers and chaplain. 



Dear Jim and the staff at Feldman Mortuary,  04/2015

Thank you so much for the generous donation to " Jewish Family Services" in memory of Rowanne. It was so thoughtful of you. Rowanne was an amazing person who had so much to give. She will always be remembered as a devoted wife, nurturing mom, loving sister and generous friend. Thank you so much for your love and support during this very difficult time.


Sheldon, Steph, Mike, Ira, Nate, Miriam, Bingi, Al and Wendy


Dear Jim and the staff at Feldman's,

 I appreciate the service you provided for Richard's funeral and your kind thoughts.



Dear everyone at Feldman's Mortuary,

Thank you for helping our family with making the funeral arrangements for our mother, Gertie. When Mom passed away we couldn't think clearly; knowing and having Feldman's there to help assist and plan the service was incredibly comforting.Your donation to "Jewish Family Services of Colorado" in memory of Mom was very thoughtful and truly appreciated by all of Mom's children.

Thanks again for being so accommodating to our family.

With love,

Kenny, Larry, Nancy and Marcy


Having watched friends go through the agony of having to make funeral arrangements in the immediate aftermath of a parent’s death, my wife & I did not want our children to have to experience the same thing. We sought out Jamie Sarche based upon recommendations from others. Our expectations were high yet they were greatly exceeded. Jamie asked all the right questions, probing where necessary, but always with great sensitivity and honesty. The result was us finally knowing what we want for ourselves. Our children will not have to make any of these difficult decisions while under incredible stress…and our wishes will be carried out. Thank you Jamie for making it possible to give this great gift to our kids.

Then Jamie helped us make pre-need arrangements for my mother-in-law who lives in Florida but wishes to be buried in New York. Thank you again Jamie.
Do not have Jamie Sarche help you with pre-need funeral arrangements for your own benefit…do it for your children…they will later become grateful.”

Dear Larry and Staff-
Perfect! Everything was perfect. I am so glad I met with Jamie ahead of time and resolved so many issues long before we need them. I appreciate everything Feldman’s provided for my mom and our family.
Thanks you again,
Bob Beitscher

Dear Jim and Staff,
A belated thank you for all of your help with my mom, Carol Davis’ service on Feb. 8th. At this difficult time, it was comforting to work with such a professional team. I will always remember that Feldman Mortuary made my mom’s departure a bit easier.
Thanks again.
Kim Nevins

Dear Jamie,
I knew you were a top-notch woman when I heard you speak last June at the joint coalition meeting. Each time we’ve met since you always have a warm and inviting presence so when you asked me how I knew to phone you when looking for my coat — well, it was just obvious! You are a dear!
See you soon and warm regards,

Dear Jim,
My sincerest thank you to you and your team for your incredible professionalism and kindness! Please extend my thank you to Jamie, Larry, Kenning and Beau as well as those on your team who do such sacred work but that I did not have the privilege to meet!
With abundant gratitude,
Janet Shiroff

To the professional staff of Feldman’s:
Thank you for your caring help in preparing Leslie for his last transition. You helped me and the rest of my family through very sad and stressful days. Thanks for the respect you showed to Les. Thank you for all you do for so many many families.

Dear Jim and Staff,
We really appreciate the kindness, support and understanding you’ve shown as we go through the process of grieving. We couldn’t have done it without your knowledge and support.
The Family of LL Asarch

Dear Jamie
Thank you for the laminated obituary notice of my mother’s death. I have forwarded one to my sister who will also appreciate receiving it. Last night I read the Careletter which you had also enclosed. It was calming and helpful at a time now that is stressful and when help is needed.
You are kind to think of me and send me these useful items. My relationship with Feldman is one of the anchors that is seeing me through this period. My extended family is gathering back in Denver in July for the unveiling and a memorial service for my mother. I suppose I won’t reach closure until those events pass by.
Meanwhile, thank you again for your comforting assistance at this time.
Best Regards,
Howard Lerman

Dear Jim and staff-
Many thanks for your support and kindness during the difficult time following the death of Les’ mother. We appreciate all your personal attention.
Best wishes,
Ricki and Leslie Illes

Dear Jim, Jamie, Larry and Staff:
My family and I appreciate your warm and caring support and assistance through this period of stress and loss. My mother, after meeting Jamie, knew that everything wold be just according to her wishes, and it was. Thank you again for your friendship and professional care during this time.

Dear Jim:
I wanted you to know how much I appreciated everything Feldman Mortuary did to coordinate the logistics of returning my mother to Michigan. Your assistance was invaluable in enabling me to honor her wishes and I am extremely grateful. I wanted to extend a special thank you to Jamie Sarche for all of her guidance and support, which helped make difficult decisions a bit easier for me.
With deepest appreciation,
Renita Baskin

Dear Jim, Jamie and the staff,
Thank you for all of your support.
Beth Lippa
Good morning Rod,I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Feldman’s for taking care of us and arranging such a nice service for Ethel yesterday. She would have been very pleased, and you all made the process as easy and efficient as I could have hoped for. I have had 4 other occasions to work with Feldman’s, unfortunately, and each one has been handled beautifully. I know you will understand if I say I hope it is a very very long time until the next time.
All the best,
Bev Braaten

Dear Jim and Staff,
Thanks for the wonderful service — as well as comfort — you gave us in our time of need.
Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.
Rick, Linda, Alan and Marsha Levine

Dear Jim and Larry,Thanks for your donation and loving words in Dad’s memory.  Your love and support during this time has helped us as we struggled with the hardships of dealing with his passing.  We are so thankful and want you to know that your services and friendship are valued beyond words.Love,
Leslye and Sam Prum

Dear Jim and staff,
We appreciate your assistance during this difficult time.
The Harris Family

Dear Jim and staff,
Our family appreciate you help.
Happy holiday,

Dear Ms. Sarche,
I am aware that you, yesterday, allowed me far more time with you than was necessary for us to conduct “business”, for which I am most grateful.  Clearly, I needed “hand-holding”, far more than I had anticipated that I might.
I feel very comforted by having made funeral arrangements with Feldman Mortuary, through you, and I truly intend to share that feeling with others, as opportunity arises.
I will continue to be grateful for your “hand-holding” and “business” assistance, of yesterday.
Jane Clare Pawling

Dear Jim and Jamie

I appreciate all of your support during the entire burial and funeral process. You made it much less scary.

Be well,


Good Morning Brooke,

I am writing to thank you for all your kind and thoughtful help during this most difficult time of my father Lee Engbar’s passing.  We so appreciate everything you did to make the arrangements so easy for all of us.

Thank you again for all your assistance.


Wendy Miller

Just so you know you have an incredible team that should make you very proud.  Kenning treated us with compassion and professionalism.  He made a difficult journey much easier then I anticipated.  You can rest assured that when you are on vacation your business is in good hands.  Everything about the preparations and the service was handled as if you were personally there to over see them minute by minute.  
You have trained a great staff and you should be proud of how well they represent you and your family.
Ron Bernstein

Dear Mr. Cohen and Staff
Your kindness and help to me during our days of sorry are greatly appreciated. I also want to thank you for the donation given to Jewish Family Service in Arthur’s memory.
Barbara Fine

Hi Brooke,

Thank you so much for arranging the flag ceremony. It was lovely, and my father was so pleased and proud to receive it in my mother honor. The funeral went very well. I appreciate how kindly and professionally the details were handled by you and the Feldman staff.

Ellen Inkeles

Dear Jim and your great staff-
You wer wonderful to work with after we lost Sheree and had to plan her funeral — a horrible task — but you made it easier. We appreciate your kindness and knowledge at this very hard and surreal time. Again, thank you for everything.
Vicki and Cindy and family
On behalf of my moth, Zewdi Beraki, the whole family thanks your for doing a great job. May g-d bless you.
Sirak O Araia

Dear Jim and staff,
Thank you for making all the arrangements go so smoothly. It was a great comfort.
Marsha Zuckerman

Dear Jim and staff,
Thank you so very much for all the help you gave me and my family during this difficult time. Your help me get through all of this with such caring and thoughtfulness.
Audrey Ahrendt

Hi Jim,Things are finally setting down around here and we are getting back into somewhat of a routine. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you did for my mom and our family after Del passed away. Everything you did made a very difficult situation so much easier. We were in a unique situation with the blended families and you helped us handle that with such ease. We appreciate all that you did to make the service at Fairmount work, I know that probably took a little bit of extra effort. I appreciate you picking the videos and pin up at my house, and making sure the videos worked (that was a big relief). Most importantly, you were a great source of comfort to my mom and the entire family. We truly appreciate everything you and the staff at Feldman’s did for us.Randy and I both wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year.Thank you again for everything,Lisa

Dear Jim and Larry-
Thank you so much for the respect and care you showed my wife throughout the process.
Sincere thanks,

Thank you so much for your kindness during this difficult time. I am the one you helped withe with memorial book for my brother. I will not forget your company and your compassion.
Kari Gladstone

Dear Jim and Staff
I am blessed with your many acts of kindness! Thank you for perfection on my behalf…what pros. I appreciate your donation to Jewish Family Service. I have been surrounded by thoughtfulness.
Loretta and Family

Dear Jamie:
I know the staff was behind you, but I want to say thank you especially to you for your kind, compassionate and quick services. A donation was over the top!

Hi Jamie,

Hope you’re enjoying the summer.

Thanks so much for the card you sent to Lynn. She is doing OK after her mom’s passing. Having the support of her family, the HEA community and the larger community (like you and Feldman’s) have made the process go relatively smoothly. Not that she would want to do it again (nor will she have to), but it has been OK.

best regards to you and your family.


Tanya and I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful support and friendship during a very touch time. You were the best person for us to lean on and we won’t forget it! Now– let’s find a time for laughter and fun!



Jim, Jamie and the staff at Feldman,

Thank you for remembering our dear Heshy with your thoughtful donation to Jewish Family Service

and support you have given us during this most difficult time. Your caring concern and generosity are greatly appreciated.

Rosette and Family

Dear Jim,

Difficult times were made easier by you and your staff — Michael, Larry, Brooke, Jamie, Kenning and Beau. Your patience, caring and understanding was incredibly helpful.

Thank you for the donation to JFS. It is gratifying to know that it not only supports us, but helps others as well.

Mom lived a remarkable life and we were lucky to be a part of it for such a long time.

Thank you again.

Linda and Milt Brandwein

Dear Jim and Staff-

I appreciate your kindness and consideration during this very difficult time.

Thank you,

Judy and family

Dear Jim Cohen and the staff of Feldman Mortuary-

Thank you for meeting all of our needs at such a difficult time. Jim, you were priceless!

We appreciate all you do. You are a class act!

Naomi and Family

Jim, Jamie and Staff

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal… Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Thank you for all your help and kindness and the most generous donation in Shirlee’s memory to Jewish Family Service.

Brad, Haley and Lindsey Cook

Dear Jim and your staff

The family and I want to thank you for your kind service and for making our day more bearable. We also want to thank you for your donation to JFS of Colorado.


Joan Levine and family

Dear Jim and Staff of Feldman Mortuary-

We want to thank you so very much for the donation to Jewish Family Service in memory of our beloved mother, Esther. We deeply appreciate it! Your kindness helps us get through this difficult time. We were very pleased with all you did to make a very meaningful funeral.

Family of Esther Sachter

Dear Jamie

On behalf of the Women’s Seder Committee, thank you for the generous donation of printing the Haggadah  booklets for us. We are glad you could join us for the celebration.

All the best,

Lynn Rubinstein

The Lederman Family thanks you all for a beautiful funeral for Nadine. Brooke, Jamie and Larry are all super!

Joel Lederman and family

Dear Jim,

I join the rest of the Allied team in thanking you for sponsoring our Remembrance service. This special annual gather reaches our residents’ families and some Board too, so your affiliation is meaningful and much appreciated.

My best,

Marilyn Miskin

Dear Jim and the wonderful people at Feldman’s,

Thank you for your generous donation in memory of my father to Jewish Family Service. I sincerely appreciate the kindness of your staff and their accommodation and care of all of my family members. They were so kind and supportive.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.



Dear Mr. Cohen and staff:

Thank you very much for your donation to Jewish Family Service. I am certain Donna would appreciate that gift, as I do. It will help many people in the Jewish community. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Bob Zupkus


We want to thank you and your staff for the contribution to JFS in my mother’s name. Your thoughts are sincerely appreciated.

Jon Soerensen

Dear Feldman’s mortuary

Thank you for your donation to the York Children’s Foundation in my mother’s memore and to the Jewish Family Service.

K. Kauvar

Dear Jamie,

Just a note to say thank you for your presentation on Friday. You were laid back but very professional. I think it was received well. Thanks again, you were great!


Dear Jamie,

On behalf of AJA, thank you so much for bringing Debbie here for such a meaningful program. Debbie is a master teacher and you are a master community professional and wonderful resource. I’m so glad to know you.

Be well and heartfelt thanks!



Thank you so much for your kind words and willingness to help in such a difficult time. Carrie was very grateful and she has your card if she needs anything.


Dear Jim,

Just a quick note of thanks for your kind, experienced guidance in my father’s funeral arrangements. Everything went smoothly and we felt taken care of as if by family. I could not have asked for anything more.

Mark Brown

Kenning & the entire Feldman staff,

I want to thank you for being a part of the celebration of the life of my Uncle Neal Friedland. It’s a tragedy to have to be dealing with this kind of loss for my cousins at ages 26, 23 & 18. You and your employees were excellent to us and we felt very loved and welcomed into your building. The service and set up for the funeral was fantastic. It was exactly what we wanted to celebrate my uncle. He would have been happy with it.

Thank you so much for being so easy to deal with, both from me and my cousins. I know they made the initial arragements, but once I got to Denver, I felt like you treated me as any one of my cousins would have been treated.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my family, THANK YOU.


Russ Friedland

Dear Jim and Feldman Staff-
Thank you so much for the donation you made to JFS in our mom’s memory.  What a thoughtful and touching thing to do.  We are so appreciative of your generosity and how supportive and helpful you all were during my mom’s funeral.  Thank you for all you did leading up to it and after.  Your kindness and professionalism are so very appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Joy and the entire Yoches family

Dear Jim and staff,
Thank you for you thoughtful contribution to Jewish Family Service in memory of our mom.  She was a very special lady and we will miss her.  We were blessed that we had her for so long and that we have so many special memories with your.  Your kindness is appreciated.
Bonnie, Steve, Len and Families

Jim and the staff of Feldman’s
Thank you very much for your donation in mother’s memory.  Your thoughtfulness and support are truly appreciated.  You have been very kind and helpful at this time.
Carrie Evan Susan

Dear Jamie
I can’t believe it….went out yesterday and got a plot just 4 spots from my parents.  I didn’t think there was any room there at all.  However, the body(male) in the plot next to mine had been exhumed and sent to Israel, so the plot next to it was okay for a female.  I am really happy about getting it. Wish I would have done this sooner.  Once again thank you for your help.  Can’t tell you how great this all feels now.  Really takes the questions and worry about all this out of my head.  Who knew that getting a grave site would be such a great Chanukah gift.(to myself)!  Very liberating. 
Shalom and Namaste,

Dear Jim,

On behalf of our whole family, thank you for all of your kindness and support.  We have an amazing respect for the holy work that you do and wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything.

With gratitude,

The Miller family

Dear Mr. Cohen-

I would like to thank your staff for the very sensitive and dignified manner in which my family were treated before, during and after the funeral.  During a very difficult time, much of the worry was was alleviated by their care and professionalism.  All of your efforts on our behalf were were sincerely appreciated.

Molly Hoffman

Dear Jim and Staff of Feldman Mortuary-

I would like to thank you for the outstanding and sensitive manner that your conducted my husband’s funeral.

Thank you so much,

Bonnie Rice

Dear Jim, Larry and Tristan-

Thanks for making these sad days easier for us.  Larry’s attention to details: finding a Rabbi to meet our time request, accommodating dad’s request to see mom, delivering the certs to our door and Tristan’s help with returning the t-shirt and suggesting Newberry florists we truly appreciate.

Thanks for everything,


Dear Jim & staff at Feldman Mortuary-

Thank you so much for making this tough experience a lot easier.  The funeral was beautiful and Jim, you did a wonderful job– obviously people listened to you because everyone parked in the pasture.

Thank you for your kindness.  It will not be forgotten.


Kay, Noah and Josh

Dear Mr. Cohen and staff

Thank you for your many kindnesses while Abby was in your care. Also, thank you for your contribution to Jewish Family Service.


Debbie Meisterplass and family

Dear Jim,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Golden Hill Cemetery and the volunteers at our Annual Hill Clean-Up Day, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for donating the wonderful water bottles.  The Clean-Up Day was very warm and the work was strenuous ; the water bottles were much appreciated!

I personally want to thank you not only for the bottles, but all the kindnesses and support you and your family have extended to Golden Hill for so many years. I consider Feldman Mortuary and the Cohen family not only working partners, but more importantly, friends.

I wish you and all your loved ones a most pleasant summer.

With best wishes,

Neal S. Price

To Jim and Staff-

Thank you for remembering Stuart with a contribution to the JFS and the thoughtful manner by which the arrangements were handled.



Dear Mr. Cohen,

We want to thank you so very much for your generous gift to JFS in memory of Grant.  We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your taking care of all the arrangements in Denver!  Thank you so much for thinking of us.


Kathy and Darryl


My congratulations to you and to Feldman’s.  The transportation, services, burial and catering were amazing.  Completely first-rate for a first-rate guy.  I loved my father very much and was so gratified to see the outpouring of emotion and support from family and friends.  I tried to give Rabbi Sarah an honorarium and she refused saying that she could not accept it but to make a donation to hospice which we will do.

Thank you for all the remembrances.  So kind of you.  I will light the candle.

The honor guard was such a special touch and the playing of Taps.  Our Colorado mover is going to make a case for the flag and a few mementoes.

I will never forget this.

All my best,

Dear Jim and Feldman’s staff-

Thank you for the care you gave our mom and wife and the patience shown to us during this difficult time.


The Friedman Family

 Thank you to everyone at Feldman for the donation in my father’s memory to Jewish Family Service.  And thank you to Jamie for the caring and kindness in planning and to Kenning at Dad’s service.

Ellen Brown

Dear Jim and staff

We appreciate all you did for us at this difficult time.


Susie and family

Dear Jim and staff

Your kindness and generosity and all that you did during the funeral preparation meant so much to us at a very difficult time.

Irv and Cathy Rell


The part of the service by Feldman’s was perfect.  We thank you for all of your assistance.  It is a difficult time and we are extremely sad to have lost such a special mother.  Brooke, thanks again.  The flowers were beautiful and I think you for keeping the pink roses fresh until that part of the service.

Susie Curry

Thank you all for all the special care and perfection you gave us with the loss of Janet.  The contribution to Jewish Family Service meant a lot to us.

Chris, Jay and Jourdan Block


I wanted to take this means of thanking you and your staff for the compassionate yet professional service we received as we prepared to say goodbye to Danielle.

All you — yourself, Larry, Kenny and Jamie — were so nice to us and made what could have been a difficult task as easy as possible.

I’ve never, fortunately, worked with you in that capacity, and I now have a new depth of respect for all of your personally and for your work standards.

Thank you again for your generosity of spirit.

Larry Hankin and the entire family of Danielle Heyman

Dear Jamie,
Than you so much for bring a shiva candle to my home last Tuesday.  The candle has finished burning and it was comforting to me and my children to perform this ritual and honor my grandmother and her memory.

It is always such a blessing when someone goes out of their way to give us a gift of time and care, as you did.  We will be sure to pay it forward when life presents the next opportunity!

Kerry Philo

Dear Jim and all the great people at Feldman-

Thank you for remembering Susie with a contribution to Jewish Family Service.  It was one of Susie’s favorites because they have activities for our daughter.

Thank you again,

George Cohan

Dear Jamie,

Our deepest thanks for all your professional know-how and support during these last few weeks.  Who knew our family ties were going to be so important and so special?

We are especially grateful to you for the flawless funeral arrangements you carried out.

Thanks too to you, Jon and Danny for keeping us company during and after the service.

You are the best!

Lots of love,

The Pockross-Rothman family

Dear Jamie,

Just a little note to thank you for all of your help and guidance in preparing for Mom’s funeral.  We were very pleased with Feldman’s professionalism and how you all treated Mom with the respect and dignity she deserved.  We also appreciated the laminated copies of the Denver Post obituaries.


The Zimmerman family

To everyone at Feldman’s-

Thank you all very much for the service you provided at my dad’s funeral and with the arrangements, and also for your donation in his memory.  You were all just wonderful.

Thanks again,


Marilyn Chappell

Dear Jim and Staff

Thank you for your contribution to the Jewish Family Service in memory of my mother, Thelma.  Thank you also for making a very difficult time a little easier for my family.


Hylla and Family

Mr. Cohen-

Thank you for your donation to honor Sascha’s name. In her short life, Sascha left a legacy of helping others, doing good and never bragging about her good deeds.  Her angelical voice always defended the ones without a voice.

David and Sonia

Dear Jim, Jamie and Staff-

Thank you for so ably taking care of our family’s needs prior to, during, and after my mother’s passing.  Your calming demeanor and words and actions of comfort greatly helped us.


Joyce, Alan, and the rest of Elaine Singer’s family

Dear Jamie,

I just wanted to thank you for myself and for my mother, Zelda.  When the time comes, I will feel sad, but so much more relieved that things were done “Z’s” way while she was able to be in charge.

Thank you again,


P.S. Without your compassion, I would have been even more of a wreck! Can you imagine?

Mr. Cohen-

On behalf of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado, we would like to thank you for your generous support of the Warren Blatt seminar.

Thank you so much!

The Board

Dear Feldman-

I wish to thank you all for taking such good care of my husband, Hal.  He wanted to be buried as a Jew and would be very proud how everything came together to make that possible.


Randi Bloomenthal

P.S. A special thanks to Jamie!

Dear Feldman Mortuary-

On August 8th, I stopped in to buy a candle for shiva for my dad.  I left not only with a candle but an entire bag of things I would need.  I just want to thank all of you for your generosity and kindness during an extreme time of need.  It truly means a lot.  Thank you for the respect and concern I received from your funeral home that day.


Ilene Bloom


Thank you for your gentle way and your compassion.  You made a difficult situation bearable.

With affection,

Paula and Sol Ginz

Dear Jamie-

How very kind of you to send me the laminated notices.  I’ll use one for a book mark and put the other in my memory book.  I’m hoping you and I can get together to talk a little about my resting place. I hope it won’t be too soon but I don’t want my children to have all that worry when the time comes.

Love always,


Dear Jamie and the whole staff-

Thank you for caring for my father’s needs in a professional, respectful and sensitive manner.

May the new year bring good health, happiness and kindness to all.


Dan Kravitz

Dear Jim and Feldman Crew-

Thank you so much for your professionalism with my grandmother.  From the time I first met with Jamie until seeing the wonderful coffin — everything was handled first-class.  As a rabbi in the community, and more importantly as a Jew, I was very impressed.  And I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me.

Thank you for what you do in the community.

With soul and heart,

Rabbi Delcau

Dear Jamie-

Thank you for all your help.  I spoke with mom and she said she had a good night’s sleep after getting her funeral arrangements made.

Thanks again,

Marcia Turner

To you and your staff, thank you.  You helped to make what seemed impossible, possible for the funeral of my friend.  I will never forget you.

Rita Sandoval

How can we thank you for all your kindness, expertise and overall professionalism in handling all of the many details and arrangements.  We will never forget what you and our staff did for Bethany’s wishes.

Robin Vives

Dear Mrs. Sarche-

Just a short note to thank you for your visit to my house and to help me in my decisions.

Luz Marcus

Dear Jamie-

Thank you so very much for sharing your wise thoughts about end-of-life possibilities.  It was and will be very helpful to me, and will be to Fred as well.  We look forward to meeting with you in June.

Happy Spring!



Dear Jim,
Thank you so very much for the attention and care you gave to our family during this most difficult time.  Every aspect of your services was superb: consultation, transfer to the funeral home, presence at the cemetery, response to questions, and even replenishing acknowledgment cards.  Each person that we dealt with on the phone or in person was caring, considerate and professional.  You handled our questions and sorrow with patience and kindness.  Your knowledge, rapport and efficiency were exemplary.  We can’t thank you enough for making the arrangements for this sad time stress-free.  Please extend our gratitued to your entire staff.
Karen Levin, Mark Albert, Brett Levin

Dear Jamie,

First of all, thank you for everything!  You have been so wonderful to
my me and my family I will never be able to put into words how much your
help and support has meant to all of us!  I am so lucky to have amazing
people in my life like you.

I also think this tribute is so cool and I can’t wait to have a minute
to look at the website and start working.

Dear Jamie-
Thank you for all the hard work planning the two seasons of Before the Mourning.  They were a huge success.  We found them very informative and enjoyable.  We also met some really nice people.  You did a great job.  We feel that you are a great asset to Feldmans.  Thanks again.  Warmest regards, Tippy and Betty

Feldman Mortuary and Mr. Cohen,

My family annot thank you enough for helping us through this very difficult time, the passing of our mother Anita Churches.  Your kind words, gentle ways of speaking with us and for the ease we felt as you managed all of details for us, really meant so very much.  It was a blessing to have you handle her arrangements and for the gentle ways you took care of us.

With much thanks and appreciation,

The family of Anita Churches

Dear Jim,
Our entire family thanks you with all our hearts for your amazing, “lamed-vav-nik,” Elijah-like intervention to help bring our beloved Dotty Karo’s z”l headstone to Rose Hill Cemetery for the unveiling Sunday morning.  What a miracle! You have our gratitude forever.

We do not know who were also involved but please pass forward our thanks to them.
Reb Stephen Booth-Nadav let us know of your works.  Appreciation is only the beginning of our gratitude.
Thank you for everything you have done in support of our family and for so many in our community all of these years.  You are a blessing.

Most gratefully,

The Olesh, Karo, Schwartz families

I wanted to thank you too for making a difficult time losing my mom one of understanding.  You helped in so many ways making her day special.
Thanks again,
Barb Murray

For all who helped me and my father, Meril Stein, I want to thank you.  On a Sunday night, you retrieved him from the “wrong place” an brought him there and arranged everything.

As one who had his own long history of service in the Chevre Kaddisha, he would have appreciated the care he received in Denver.
He now rests in the last of his family’s plots surrounded by others he knew and is content.

Many thanks,
Susan Wick

Dear Friends – especially Larry and Steve:
Just a note from Susie, Anita, Tibor and myself and our entire family for your help with the death of Jolana Lebowitz.  Your knowledge of what to do and the skillful handling of all the problems is much appreciated.
May you all have good health and peace.
Susie and Paul & Family

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for making this process so manageable.  We all greatly appreciate the way you helped us through a very difficult time.

Dear Jim, Larry and all the staff-
On behalf of our family we’d like to thank you so much for helping us with the passing of our mother.  You continue to offer warm and supportive services.
Thank you again,
David Adelstein, Dana Schwartz and Debbie Morrison

You and your staff did a wonderful job. Thanks again.

Gary Leavitt

Dear Jamie,
Thank you very much for all you and your company have done for the family.  We’ve had deaths before, but nothing like what we are facing now.  So the extra things you have done for us have been very helpful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

To Kenning and Staff
Thank you all for the kindness you showed me when you took care of my beloved Joel’s funeral.  It is very much appreciated.  Thank you again for everything.

Dear Jim-
I want to thank you for having Stefano as our limo driver for Carolyn’s funeral.  He was interesting, knowledgeable, and caring.  My husband, Jerry, has had 2 strokes but insisted on going to the cemetery.  You know how bad the weather was.  Stefano helped my son walk Jerry to the grave.
Please tell Stefano how much I appreciated his kindness at the special time!
Thank you again,
Leona Harris

As life finally begins to settle down a bit and I am forced to try to get my life going again with my great loss, I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to you and try express my appreciation for everything you did for me and my family.  You are not only a true pro at what you do, but you are a wonderful man who I appreciate and cherish. Your kindness and care for my family and me made me feel like you were a very dear friend.  I have to imagine that is how you make most, if not everyone, feel.  My family also felt great comfort with you and found you to be so wonderful.  You sure have a friend in me.  If there is anything I can do for you, your family, your children, please let me know.  You have my heart and should and I truly want to thank you for everything you have done.
Most sincerely your friend,
Dave and family

Dear Jim,
Thank you so much for handling all the funeral arrangements so nicely and so professionally.  You and your staff helped to make this sad experience as easy as possible for me.

Dear Marilyn,
Please convey my thanks to Shalom Park for its part in bringing us and hosting Before the Mourning.

I had no idea that it was going to make me think and rethink on the level it did.  While the speakers offered food for the mind, Shalom Park served us food — and what food it was — to satisfy our appetites….

This series has been a most worthwhile experience.  Thank you again.

Fannie Rose Oxman


Thanks so very much for the opportunity to participate (in the Before the Mourning series); it was just wonderful.  I learned so many things; it was like traveling, the more I learn about traditions and cultures the more I learn about myself.  I did a great deal of introspection after each presentation.

You did a great job in pulling it all together every week, I would very much like to know of any future events you may be coordinating.

Thanks, again!

Margee Cannon

Dear Jim,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time and energy you have spent educating our staff and volunteers.  Every presentation I heard wonderful feedback from! …Thank you for bringing Feldman’s as a resource to our hospice program.

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for coordinating all of the water bottles for High Holy Day services. It was great to have, with the heat, and so awesome to have you and your staff available for the set up.

I look forward to staying connected.


Dear Jim,

 My family appreciates the help of the Feldman staff in planning and executing the funeral service of my father. Larry and Rebecca were so attentive so all of our questions and needs and we were able to find comfort in their patience. I placed numerous calls to Feldman in the days that led up to the funeral and could always be assured that our needs would be followed through without question.

We are mindful for the consolatory manner in which Feldman was able to help my family during my father’s passing.

 Thank you,

Gary Mobell and The Mobell family

Dear Mrs. Sarche,

 A month ago, my dad passed away and Feldman mortuary handled the funeral for us. I just want to express my sincere gratitude for all that you did to make the transition as smooth and easy as it could have possibly been. Feldman mortuary took care of everything, met all our needs and our whole family was grateful that we chose Feldman.

Thanks for all you did.


Rick Harris


 Many thanks for hosting a fellowship meeting for my rotary club! I have received many compliments and positive feedback (and it’s only been a matter of hours!) Your wisdom, professional expertise and caring personality shone brightly as you helped guide all of us on the opportunities we have as participants in life- even when that life includes death.

You so aptly described what a gift it can be to plan wisely for our family’s/ loved one and as a final celebration of our journey. Marking our ultimate choices.

Thank you Jamie! I’m delighted we are connected on so many avenues.

On behalf of all the fellowship participants,

I appreciate your time and welcome to us all,


Dear Larry:

First, thank you to the entire Feldman team for your compassion and professionalism. The funeral for my mom, was beautiful and everything went so smoothly. Your team made a difficult day and process much easier.

I’d like to specifically mention Jamie Sarche for exemplary service. Her kindness, warmth, availability and pure generosity of spirits is a rare and beautiful combination. From the moment my mom received her diagnosis, to the night of her death, to her burial, Jamie was a respected and trusted source of information and insight. I consider myself lucky to have had Jamie as a partner and support during those terrible times.

My mom made a great choice in Feldman for her funeral needs, and I’m genuinely happy to have been able to spend time with the Feldman team as a result


Adam Jackson

Dear all,

You all did a wonderful job in taking care of my Gene, and making everything go so smoothly, that I didn't get nervous about anything.  I appreciate how you handled all the family, and made everyone feel at ease.  I am sure you know what it is to lose a loved one, and you helping me and my family through it, was extra special.

Thank you from me, my family, and the Zimmerman Family.


Carolyn Eisen

Dear Jim, Jamie, Beau and everyone at Feldman’s

This is belated, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful help you were when my mother passed away. I think it was a complicated burial and service to arrange. All of you did such an amazing job!

Beau could not have been more helpful, and the same goes for Jim. You made it all so easy for me and my family.

Thank you for your extraordinary service

With warmest regards,

Sue Allen

Dear Jim and Feldman Staff,

We are so touched that you were there for our family and helping out where and when you could, for Sid’s services. Thank you for helping us relieve some of the distress.


Renae for the Levin Family

To Feldman Staff,

Thank you for helping make the services for my husband meaningful and beautiful.


Dear Mr. Allen,

Thank you so much for the respect you showed my mother, Shirley. The family is most appreciative of the care you took of her and all the family. We so appreciate you arranging burial at Fort Logan, So she could be with my father.

The service there was very appropriate and thoughtful.

With unending gratitude,


Dear Mr. Cohen and Staff,

Feldman mortuary handled the entire funeral process with the utmost professionalism and we so greatly appreciate your kindness and compassion during our time of grief.


Victor & Elaine  

To the wonderful people at Feldman,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and consideration during a time that can only be described as a blur. Your patience & professionalism were so very appreciated.

Deb and Michael Horwitz