Wondering if Pre-Arranging is for you?

These videos present two couples (different generations), a single woman, a Rabbi and our Pre-Arrangement expert explaining exactly WHY pre-arranging is for you!

These videos were created with the amazing and talented services of our friend Susan Brody of Family Legacies Videos. She truly is gifted with the video production but most importantly she shines with the pre-interviews. Why I am sharing this with you now? Because I hope you would consider allowing Susan and her company to produce a video for you and your family, one that can be shared for generations to come. There are so many wonderful options for using this type of video and yes, I know, we all know a family member with an iPhone or video camera. I encourage you to do it right the first time and have this lasting legacy as it should be: PERFECT.

Thank you Susan Brody!

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Feldman Mortuary Advance Planning Video

Feldman Mortuary - Michelle and Steven Toltz

Feldman Mortuary - Ernie and Rita Stone

Feldman Mortuary - Nancy Nowak

Feldman Mortuary - Rabbi Adam Morris

Feldman Mortuary - Jamie Sarche: Director of Advance Planner and Generations Funeral Services