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Decisions at a Difficult Time

It's a difficult time for you and your family. The death of a loved one or friend is often among the most stressful events in our lives. At a time when you are dealing with your own emotions and those of others, a number of significant decisions must be made.

Feldman Mortuary makes the process simpler. We'll clearly explain your many options for interment and cremation, and help you determine the type of funeral services that appropriately honor the deceased, celebrating their unique lives and the impact they made on others. Either option can be combined with reflections that tastefully and respectfully recognize the life of the deceased.

​Burial can be handled in several ways—in the ground, in a crypt, at sea, or in a green, “eco-friendly” manner. The options can be as unique as the individual.

If cremation is chosen, families may decide to retain the ashes in one place, divide them among family or friends, spread them in a significant location, or bury them in the ground or in a crypt. We can help you carry out even more unusual ideas that uniquely reflect the wishes of the deceased.

Regardless of the family’s decision, Feldman Mortuary is honored to serve Denver's families as trained, certified, and highly experienced end-of-life professionals.

Creating a Special Service, Together

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