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Veterans Burial Services in Denver

Feldman Mortuary is proud to support families in honoring their loved one’s military service.

We are experienced with all military burial practices, with extensive experience with both Fort Logan National Cemetery here in Colorado, and at Arlington National Cemetery.

At Fort Logan National Cemetery, Feldman Mortuary ensures that everything needed for a uniquely Jewish military funeral is available. We commend and wish to express our deep appreciation to the staff at Ft. Logan for the understanding, care and willingness to work with the Denver Jewish community over the past decades. We have an incredible working relationship built on mutual appreciation, trust and respect for our professional roles.

Things to think about when considering burial at a National Cemetery

  • Jewish tradition encourages burial to occur as soon as possible, which some define as same day or next day. However, burial at a National Cemetery is dependent on available service times and cannot be manipulated based on religious requirements.
  • An immediate service may be available but possibly at a less than desirable time.
  • No weekend burials are possible
  • While Jewish funeral traditions discourage burial of one loved one on top of another, at a National Cemetery, the policy is to bury double, even triple-depth, which means one is buried on top of another.
  • Monuments and markers are standard government issue—which does not allow for Hebrew lettering or personal inscription. The monument will be marked with the standard military version of the Magen David/Star of David.
  • Services at Ft. Logan are limited to 15 minutes in length.

Veteran Services and Information available from Feldman Mortuary:

  • Burial benefits
  • Headstones and markers
  • Legislative changes
  • Presidential memorial certificates
  • Military honors
  • Jewish war veterans
  • Burial flags
  • Burial allowance
  • Survivor benefits

Please contact us for further information about veteran burial services in the Denver area or nationally.

"Thank you so much for the respect you showed my mother, Shirley. The family is most appreciative of the care you took of her and all the family. We so appreciate you arranging burial at Fort Logan, so she could be with my father. The service there was very appropriate and thoughtful. With unending gratitude," 

- Barbara