Green Burial

Jewish & Muslim burials have always been green, using low-impact interment in a simple shroud or all-wood casket. Over time, the body breaks down naturally, going back to the earth. With today’s increased focus on minimizing our impact on the environment, the age-old practice of green burial is becoming more popular. In addition to minimizing environmental impact, green burial can provide a simpler, more natural funeral experience, as well as potentially lower costs.

New green options are available, such as water cremation, in which the body is placed in a warm alkali bath that gently breaks down the tissue. Body composting uses natural materials such as hay and straw to cradle the body while speeding decomposition outside of a cemetery plot. Feldman Mortuary has longstanding relationships with many green cemeteries, and we can help you find the right place for you. Green burial is permitted on some privately-owned land in Colorado. Our experienced staff can help you navigate local laws and regulations to find out if green burial is available in your location.

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