Margaret Vogel

Margaret Elizabeth "Hasi" Vogel

1947 - 2022

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Obituary of Margaret Elizabeth Vogel

Margaret Elizabeth Vogel, know to her friends and family as Hasi, passed
away of a sudden heart attack in her Denver home on August 20, 2022. She
was 75. Of Austrian descent, she was born in Bogota, Columbia were her
parents, Walter and Senta resided after narrowly escaping the Nazis. When
Hasi was a young child, her family moved to Nanuet, a suburb north of New
York City. When she was seven and in second grade she met Monique, a
classmate and a recent French immigrant. Drawn together by their European
heritage, they soon became best friends. This precious and exceptional
relationship lasted right up to the moment of Hasi's unexpected death.

Hasi had rare gifts, which she readily shared with others. She was loyal and
caring with tremendous personal integrity, someone who could always be
relied on. She also had a keen curiosity and was always seeking answers to
countless questions. Most important, she treasured being her own person
and was a woman of unfailing independence.

During her life, Hasi had two central careers. After graduating high school,
she attended the Guildford School of Art in England, noted for its
photography department. During her twenties, she became a professional
photographer. This period was highlighted by a series of published medical
photographs she created for Dr. Martha MacGuffie (1924-2011), a widely
renowned plastic surgeon and social activist. Hasi then took up residence in
Denver to serve as a Vista Volunteer, the US Domestic Peace Corps.

As her intense interest in helping those less fortunate became ever stronger,
Hasi decided to dedicate her life to helping children with special needs. For
over two decades, she worked as a caregiver with the Denver Roundup
Fellowship. Roundup’s mission to serving those with developmental
disabilities resonated with Hasi profoundly.

Never married and as an only child, Hasi formed lifelong ties with her
relatives. While studying in England, she became close with her first cousin,
Steve, who later married and had four children. Hasi was Godmother to the
eldest child, Emma. Emma married just a few months ago and is a practicing
young attorney. Hasi’s relationship with her English cousins grew stronger
over the years, and she greatly enjoyed her visits to their county home in
Surrey. Hasi was also close to her more distantly related cousins, Liesi and
Lori, who live in rural upstate New York. Their mother, Maryanne, who
passed away in October 2022 at the age of 99 was a Holocaust survivor.

Truly memorable and touching are the intense life-long friendships Hasi
formed with her two special friends, Monique in New York and and Leland in
Denver. Best friends for over 68 years, Monique and Hasi were like sisters,
constantly supporting each other throughout all their good times and bad.
Leland and Hasi were together regularly and always looked after each other.
Hasi also loved helping take care of Hank, Leland’s black Pomeranian, who
she often described as being “human.” Importantly, Leland and his close-knit
relatives became Hasi’s Denver family. This relationship meant a great deal
to her, especially after her parents’ passing in 1976 and 1984.

Hasi had a pure and caring heart. She remained true to herself and to others
right to the very end. Hasi Vogel was much loved by her friends and family
and will be greatly missed.

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