Bobette Robinson

Bobette Robinson

1933 - 2020

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Obituary of Bobette Robinson

There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains ... as we mourn the passing of Bobette Robinson, we bask in the warmth of the light she cast. She brightened the world around her - not only in her signature orange fashion statements and eye for beautiful things, but in the vivacity and passion she brought to the everyday, and in her absolute joy in connecting with people. Bobette personified the idea that family is where you find it - she was infamous for uncovering (or weaving) connections, building incredible relationships all around the world, and for readily embracing everyone she met as a friend in the making or a long lost family member. Bobette’s gift of discovering these connections between people fostered her incredible impact on the lives of those she knew – allowing her the rare opportunity to experience everything from uniting long lost twin brothers she’d met separately to discovering old neighbors in foreign lands. Her title as THE Social Butterfly was uncontested, as she effortlessly navigated a constantly full social calendar and an abundance of family and friends eager to share time with their favorite fireball. Bobette was a tiny force of nature - petite in stature but able to easily dominate a room, or when necessary, her children. She had charm and grace in her every breath, tempered by her unassailable self-confidence, her seemingly endless supply of energy and her dominating force of will. She was a lifelong learner, eagerly pursuing a bachelor’s degree and working to build a career as an addictions counselor after raising her children. Bobette enthusiastically embraced the world with startling verve and tenacity, exploring everything from painting to tap dancing in recent years, with passions spanning great literature, theater, and travel to tai chi, mahjong, and bridge. She was an early and life-long supporter of LGBTQ rights, an advocate for children, and a supporter of many charitable causes. Born on November 12,1933 to Ivy (Stellor) and Morris Haimsohn, Bobette was lovingly raised by her mother and her grandmother, Fanny Stellor, after the untimely passing of her father. As a Denver native, born and raised on the West Side in an Orthodox Jewish community, Bobette had a profound and abiding love of her heritage. She had a generous spirit and quietly provided financial help to individuals who crossed her path when she saw an opportunity to change a life through mitzvah. Bobette *loved* a good story, especially if it allowed her an opportunity to "humble brag" about the accomplishments of her children and grandchildren – or those of her dear friends! Her memory for detail was surpassed only by her delight in exploring the shared history of the people she loved. She was able to laugh at herself and take the gentle teasing of her children and grandchildren in stride - whether being teased for forgetting to turn on the oven for 7 hours while 'cooking' the Thanksgiving turkey or for singing the entire catalogue of Spamalot songs while blissfully unaware of Monty Python’s existence, she recognized that her own small imperfections and quirks made her unique, and she embraced them. Bobette was a true beauty all her life, casually bewitching all of the poor suckers who landed in her orbit with effortless ease, yet without malice - her ability to captivate in part due to her grace and beauty, and in part due to the irrepressible incandescence of her spirit. She made friends as easily as most draw breath and strove all her life to be a friend worth having as well, investing time and energy into her friendships with unwavering devotion.  Beneath her expertly coordinated ensembles and perfectly coiffed titian hair beat a warrior's heart. Bobette was a repeat breast cancer survivor and a veteran of open heart surgery, and to the last she bore her battle scars from a life lived fiercely and passionately with poise and strength. Bobette passed peacefully from natural causes, in the embrace of her family. She died exactly as she lived - in charge, with a mischievous sense of humor, unapologetically and authentically herself to the end. She is preceded in death by the incredible men who were lucky enough to have earned the privilege of calling her wife, Bud Rolfe, Fred Minzer and Hank Robinson, as well as the incomparable women who raised her and the father she lost too young. Bobette is survived by her beloved sons,Brett Minzer, Dan Minzer, and David Rolfe, her daughter Miki Minzer, and her treasured daughter-in-law Barb Rolfe. She is also survived by her adored grandchildren and their partners, Josh and Lauren Rolfe, Lindsay and Matthew Gaudyn, Zoe Rolfe and Hunter Brill, Ian Minzer and Megan Machek, Isabel Minzer, and Alex Burt, and by her pride and joy, her great-grandchildren, Lorelei, Nikolai and Logan… as well as numerous cousins and the countless individuals blessed enough to have basked in her friendship around the world.  Having been raised by her mother and grandmother, Bobette understood something so many people don't until it's too late - love in its purest form comes from our mothers. As we say goodbye to our wonderfully unconventional but deeply adored mother, grandmother, cousin and friend, we are reminded that grief is the price we pay for love.....and, as we have all been loved so very very well by Bobette, our grief in bidding her farewell is equally profound. I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. -Winston Churchill In the spirit of continuing Bobette’s legacy of generosity and love of her communities, her family requests that in lieu of flowers friends should consider donating to Corazón de Niña Puerto Vallarta, a home to 100+ critically at risk children passionately supported by Bobette (, or to the Denver charity of your choice.

Interment Information

Rose Hill Cemetery
6841 E 62nd Ave
Commerce City, Colorado, United States