Celebration of Life Services

By: Feldman Memorial
Monday, February 27, 2023

It is impossible to refute the reality that anyone, at any age, in any place, and under all circumstances, is susceptible to passing away. The best thing we can do is to live each day of our lives as if it were our last, and we should always make it a priority to leave behind a lasting legacy founded on integrity. In keeping with the theme of preserving legacies, hosting a celebration of life service for a loved one who has passed away and was known for leading an exemplary life is one of the most fitting ways to honor their memory and pay tribute to the legacy they left behind. When a person's family and friends join together for a celebration of life service, it allows everyone to pay their respects to a departed loved one while also bidding farewell in a significant manner to them. Funeral homes in Highlands Ranch, CO are the most reputable establishments that provide these forms of services. 

Why a Celebration of Life Service? 

It can be very taxing and time-consuming for many people to perform traditional funeral rituals per the standard. They believed that the funeral rituals, which were planned, did not accurately portray the person their deceased loved one had been while they were still living. A memorial ceremony that is more of a celebration of life than an actual funeral is typically held. It is a joyful one in which all of the deceased person's relatives get together to celebrate the deceased person's life, tell touching anecdotes about the deceased person, and say heartfelt things about him. 

Because individuals are unique, the memorial ceremony honoring the life of the departed should be arranged in a manner that reflects the deceased person's character. As part of the preparation process for the ceremony, it is essential to think about the things the deceased person liked to do during their life and the things that the people who will attend the event will find meaningful. 

Share the Deceased's Favorite Recollections 

It is appropriate to reflect on the departed person's life at a memorial service and share stories about memorable moments. This has the potential to elicit a wide range of responses, from laughter to tears, and it also offers a sense of resolution and healing. 
Some great ways to get people talking, laughing, and sharing tales could come from 

●  Performing a musically accompanied slideshow of fond memories 

●  photo albums and collages 

●  Have everyone contribute a short memory that will be read aloud and discussed with the group. 

Play Wonderful Music 

Music has a special way of touching our souls when we're going through hard times. A wonderful idea that you may put into action is to have each attendee sing a song that has meaning for them with respect to the dead. Put together a service playlist with music suggested by attendees. Ask everyone to elaborate on their thought process behind their music selections to take the idea to the next level. 

The death of a beloved is surely a painful one; however, the deed has been done, and there is no going back in time to stop it. The best thing is to move forward and wish the deceased is in a better place. A sure way to get the past behind is by holding a celebration of life service for the deceased. Funeral homes in Highlands Ranch, CO can assist you with all you need. 

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