How To Plan a Celebration Of Life

By: Feldman Memorial
Monday, April 18, 2022

There are many considerations to examine while planning a memorial service for a loved one who has passed away. Rituals and celebrations are influenced by a wide range of variables such as culture, religious beliefs, place, and time. You can rely on funeral homes in Aurora, CO to help you organize a celebration of life service for a dead family member. 

There is no one-size-fits-all manner to pay tribute to remember a loved one. For a select handful, it has a special significance. Consult with your family members before putting on a memorial service. 

A memorial service is held to honor and remember the departed by family members, close friends, and anyone touched by their life, whether directly or indirectly. Those who have lost a loved one may respect and remember them in this way while also benefiting from the company of others who were present in the deceased's life. 

Steps To Planning a Celebration Of Life 

A celebration of life differs from a funeral ceremony in that there is no presence of the deceased's body present. It doesn't matter whether or not the dead person's body is present; there are several locations where a celebration of life may be conducted in lieu of a funeral home or church. Depending on the circumstances, a celebration of life may be held in several venues, including the deceased's favorite area. Many individuals choose to honor the lives of their loved ones in public places, such as a park or a popular social gathering location, etc. The following are the procedures to be followed: 

A celebration of life or a memorial ceremony may be conducted whenever it is deemed appropriate after the death of a person. According to the conditions, the timeframe of your preparations will be dictated. You may start right away or put it off until later in the process. It is tough to make choices after a large loss. In the months leading up to the funeral or memorial service, it is possible to solicit the help of friends or even employ a professional planner to handle the details

Prepare for your visitors by deciding what type of event you want to host depending on how the burial, such as conventional funeral services and burial, cremation and traditional funeral services, or a combination of both are all viable alternatives. Cremation and burial rituals will follow the funeral and memorial ceremony. 

A guest list should be established after deciding on the kind of service to be delivered, the day, and the hour of the event. It's a good idea to start with immediate family and work your way out from there. If the individual's immediate family is okay with it, try inviting people from past times in their life, in addition to current and former pals. Are you in need of assistance organizing a memorial ceremony to honor a deceased family member? Get in touch with us right now. We're available for you around the clock at funeral homes in Aurora, CO. 

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